Hello beautiful people! I started Katie Hodgkinson to create a blog to be my my personal and creative outlet - a place where I could write whatever I wanted whenever I wanted with no pressures. I have a lot of interests from travel, to reading, to art, so I didn't feel that I could fit into a particular niche. I wanted to create something more rounded and personal to me.

I'm not perfect by any means, but I aim to be true to myself - I always write as I see fit. Say no to formal prose on my blog thank you very much, although this about me section is starting to sound pretty formal, dammit. Don't expect any censoring with regards to swearing as that's just a part of who I am - I'm not saying I'll be eff this, eff that all the time, but the occasional splutter is never something that I usually worry about to be fair.

I'm still trying to find myself on this blog and it's been an enlightening journey so far for me. This is essentially an extension of me and my life so I hope you stick along for the ride.

Thank you for reading and I hope to speak to you soon.

Mucho love.

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