Day 10: Black Water Rafting [15/10/16]

(not my picture) We arrived in Waitomo today, and this would be my last ever night with my original Kiwi Experience group as I wil...

(not my picture)

We arrived in Waitomo today, and this would be my last ever night with my original Kiwi Experience group as I will be staying on for another night here tomorrow while the rest of the bus leaves. For a good 5 minutes, I did think about changing my plans again and just carrying on with everyone, then I realised that that would be an absolutely terrible idea - not because I didn’t like them, but because I was on my own travelling adventure and not theirs.

A large part of travelling is meeting the most amazing people and then sadly saying goodbye - but it’s never goodbye, it’s always see you later, as you often end up seeing these people along the way or even in places that you’d least expect it. The world is a very small place. I couldn’t just change my plans for a group of people, no matter how brilliant they were; we’re each on our own journeys and we should each decide what we want to do.

So onto the activities, and the highly anticipated black water rafting; similar to white water rafting, but you do it in a cave or an enclosed space. I partook in the longest tour available as it just sounded absolutely incredible for 5 hours worth of adventure. The first thing we did was abseil around 35M down a hole, into the cave, where you couldn’t even see the bottom as it was that dark and far down. I decided to face my fears, get it over and done with, and I volunteered to go second which was an absolutely amazing achievement for me as I was shit scared before I went down. I was fine on the bus journey, but when it came to seeing the drop, my heart leaped all the way into my throat!

The whole experience was INCREDIBLE, and along with abseiling we also did a zip line, tubing, floating, climbing waterfalls and slides, alongside a load of information about everything we were seeing - we got to see some amazing glow worms in their natural habitat! They also provided us with snacks and hot drinks on the way which was a god send because I was FREEZING to death. I can’t remember the exact temperatures, but they said this wasn’t cold compared to Winter, but I think they thought I was over exaggerating with how cold I was - I wasn’t. They did come to realise that I wasn’t joking when they saw that 3 of my fingers on my left hand were dead white, they were really nice and helpful though!

After we finished everything we went back inside, had a shower and got some tomato soup and a bagel - although this doesn’t sound like much, it was absolute heaven after the cold that we just experienced!

There are shorter and cheaper trips, but with the Kiwi Experience discount I paid $199 (NZD) but it was 100% worth the money, and I would highly recommend that you do this if you’re in Waitomo. If this is the standard of activities at the beginning of my trip then I am absolutely buzzing about everything else, as everyone has said that the South Island is better than the North. I’M SUPER EXCITED!!!

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