Day 6: Just Cape Reigna [11/10/16]

I swear everyone but me got a decent nights sleep last night - I kept tossing and turning, and trying to plump up the flattest pillow I h...

I swear everyone but me got a decent nights sleep last night - I kept tossing and turning, and trying to plump up the flattest pillow I have ever slept on. It’s not that I didn’t go to bed at a reasonable time, I just haven’t been able to sleep well recently. Regarding the pillow situation, I swapped it for the free bed’s pillow in the morning which was 10x plumper than my one, I was just the unlucky backpacker.

Today on paper was going to be jam-packed, driving up to Cape Reigna, to the very top of New Zealand. That was pretty much it though, the majority of the day from 7AM-6PM was spent on a bus with very sporadic breaks and things to see which would last anything from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, so we were never given much time.

First off we went to Manginangina, where grows the Kauri trees which are now a protected species of trees. The walkway was actually built for the Queen for a rare visit she made to the North whereupon she never actually walked it. I don’t really blame her, it was pretty bland. We spent 10 minutes walking around what just seemed like any old rainforest.

Secondly we drove the bus on 90 Mile Beach, which is actually something along the lines of 50 miles, so I have no idea why they named it that! It reminded me of Fraser Island in Australia, and it’s always cool to drive/be driven on a terrain that isn’t usually meant for driving on. There was nothing there though, to me, it was just a beach - I’m not a massive fan of beaches anyways, and this one wasn’t even attractive to look at really.

We then saw some wild horses on the way to the sand dunes where we were able to board down them. This looked hella scary from the bottom, and even scarier from the top, but was actually really fun! Due to the fact that it had been raining recently, at the bottom of the hill there was quite a bit of water, so some people ended up sliding into that. Personally, I pretty much dragged my feet the entire way so I wouldn’t get wet - it was still heaps of fun though, apart from the gruelling walk up to the top in the first place.

We then went to the Cape itself, Cape Reigna, which was beautiful. The cliff top views were stunning, and the water was so clear. The only down point was that we weren’t given enough time to properly admire it though, there was a lighthouse and a hill to climb, and we only got to get to the tiny lighthouse.

Although this post may seem negative, I am trying to find the positive in all my situations and the Cape itself was beautiful, as mentioned. This trip was included in my itinerary, but it would not have been worth the extra money had I paid for this separately, as we did spend the majority of the day on the bus.

…on a separate note, I’ve just been advised on the phone that my sailing trip might be canceled due to it being an off season. I don’t mind, but it would have been nice to have been told this might have happened. Oh well…we’ll see in the morning what they have to say!

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