Day 4: Library Daze [09/10/16]

I told you not to expect anything to great today. I couldn’t find my milk this morning - the one  thing I put in that overly cramped ti...

I told you not to expect anything to great today.

I couldn’t find my milk this morning - the one thing I put in that overly cramped tiny fridge space has gone missing. To say I was pissed off is a massive understatement. I only wanted it for my breakfast (which I had packet porridge in my bag) and that was it, it’s not like I smushed a massive freezer bag in with the others to cook a gourmet meal or anything!

I ended up unnecessarily buying breakfast out this morning because of it, and as expensive as it was, it was actually incredibly yummy - still doesn’t make the missing milk saga any sweeter! I had french toast with bacon, banana and maple syrup, and it was probably the best french toast I’ve ever had…I think I’m in love!

I pretty much spent the whole day in the library though sorting out my blog, my Younique business updates for the week, and just generally catching up with anything and everything. Some people like to use the library to sleep, I am not one of these people, but some people like to snore as well - this was particularly amusing to me to see one man sleep loudly while I worked.

I did, however, spend a good hour looking at hand luggage backpacks down Queen Street, only to come back empty handed. I’ve been wanting a new hand luggage bag for a little while now; only because the zip “handles” of mine are broken, and it’s starting to wear me down on my back. However, I decided that I’m only here for a month and a half so I’m gonna see how I go without buying a new one.

One thing I will say about my trip so far that I’ve noticed in myself is that I’m getting extremely tired so early on in the day and then not being able to sleep at night, or not getting a good nights sleep at least. I’m the kind of person that can generally nap during the day and then have a decent nights sleep that night, but not in New Zealand, nu-uh! Sleep has been eluding me, and I have been unable to sleep in as well. It’s getting quite frustrating but I guess I’ve just got to keep busy in order to stop overthinking it; Auckland has been pretty boring on the whole, so maybe a move and a change of scenery with new travel mates will do the trick!

Bring on tomorrow and my first day on the Kiwi Experience!

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