To Be Grateful | August 2016

Won't you stop, take a breath, find a moment to reflect, on the pure and simple choices that we fail to see - Billy Talent "Defini...

Won't you stop, take a breath, find a moment to reflect, on the pure and simple choices that we fail to see - Billy Talent "Definition Of Destiny"

Billy Talent have always been my favourite band, and their lyrics never cease to amaze me - they're just so awesome and quotable. This one in particular, I feel kinda goes with the vibe of these posts - I'm just taking the time to be grateful for all that has happened in August.

Alone time
Sometimes it's nice to spend time with yourself, and although I've spent a lot of time with people, I've also had a lot of alone time. It gives me a chance to reflect and get some of my personal projects on the way. I'm an ambivert; I like being alone and I like being with people!

Finding a church
Long story short; I stopped going to church with my Mum when I was younger when I started going out with my friends or with my dad to rugby matches, which were generally on Sundays. I stopped believing in God, but still believed there was some higher force. I live a minute away from my local church at the moment, and for the longest time I contemplated going in, and my Mum was always encouraging me to do so as well. I eventually went in after I felt a pull on my spirit, and I haven't looked back - the only thing I regret is not going sooner. Everyone at the church is so absolutely wonderful and I immediately felt included and loved. I felt I needed to find God in my own time, and not on my Mum's watch, and I think I've done that now.

Self-help books
As mentioned in my Fear Of Failure post, I've been reading a lot of self-help books to boost my confidence and to get me out of my comfort zone. I used to turn up my nose at the thought of a self-help book, but honestly, I cannot recommend them enough! They motivate, inspire and empower you, they make you feel as though you can do anything, which you can! Loving these books has just reinforced the fact that you can't judge a book by its cover.

Living close to the beach
I live so close to the beach and I barely go, but this month, I actually went quite a few times. Well, I say the beach, I was by the beach but not actually on it. I just love the area around it, and the view of the islands in the distance is absolutely stunning. I live in such a beautiful place, and sometimes you just need to stop and remember that!

I bought a notepad from my local supermarket this month and oh my gosh have I used it. I'm using it for everything from to-do lists, shopping lists, note making, blog ideas and more. I love the physical form of writing and I love making my handwriting really neat - when I'm writing a shopping list, if I'm unhappy with my writing I will tear it up and start again, that's how OCD I am with writing, haha! I just love writing and lists, but for some reason, I can't get into bullet journalling - I wonder why that is?

What are you grateful for?
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