To Be Grateful | July 2016

Greetings Internet Dwellers, can you believe that it's AUGUST  tomorrow? I know I can't! This year is going so fast, bla bla bla,...

Greetings Internet Dwellers, can you believe that it's AUGUST tomorrow? I know I can't! This year is going so fast, bla bla bla, we get this every month, haha! I've been having a think recently about how much we take for granted, how much I take for granted. I want to appreciate everything I have in my life, no matter how big or how small, so every month from now on I want to reflect on the previous month and be happy for what I have...

To be reunited with friends and family after so long is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. It may seem quite mundane, but it's the feeling of relief that you are still part of everyone's lives no matter where you all are in the world. It means the world to me to know that I am loved, cared for, and in people's prayers. I can't quite explain the feeling but it's more than happiness!

New beginnings are on the horizon for me in the very near future, and it's exciting that I will be off to start a new chapter in my fairytale. July was the beginning of everything; the self-exploration, the endless thought process, the planning, the doing. I have definite plans that have been set in place, and it's an amazing feeling to have made decisions and know the basis of what will happen in the next few months.

The ability to travel from one side of the world to the other so easily is something that many of us take for granted. With the easiness of aeroplane travel nowadays, it's hard to believe that it used to be so hard. In the space of a month I've travelled from Australia to England, and back to Australia again - it's amazing if you think about it.

I have been taking the time to step back and enjoy life, and this was especially relevant on my recent trip to Ravello, Italy. I was there for my best friends wedding, and what may have come across as shy and distant, was in fact, reflective and grateful. Being with my best friends for a few days made me appreciate their company, and the fact I've been away from them for so long made me realise what I've got - I'm lucky to have the group of friends that I do.

What are you grateful for?

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