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I've definitely done my fair share of long-haul flights in the past; even before I came to Australia, I used to go on a lot of holiday...

I've definitely done my fair share of long-haul flights in the past; even before I came to Australia, I used to go on a lot of holidays with my parents which would often entail me sitting on an aeroplane for an ungodly amount of time. Therefore, I like to think I've perfected my very own personal long haul flight must-haves.

Generally, on the longer flights you tend to have an entertainment system placed directly on the seat in from of you. These are often filled with hundreds of movies, songs and games...yes, there's some TV shows, but they're typically less to be desired. I'm talking episode 7, 8 & 9 of season 4 of whatever programme you want to watch, which when you've only seen up to season 2 is very annoying! There's a ranty tangent if I ever saw one, but anyways, the entertainment system is often there if you need it on these types of journeys.

You may or may not be able to get the internet on your flight, but even if you do, it's not going to be great, let's be honest here! Laptops are great if you've got a specific TV show or film you've downloaded that you want to watch, or even just to write up your next blog post draft. You can always find ways to stay productive when you have a laptop - even without internet, shock horror!!

Why waste your weight allowance on a physical book when you can carry thousands of books in one tiny device. I love to read my kindle on any flight, it passes the time quickly, and it's just so lightweight and handy. I've got the paperwhite which has a built in backlight, so when it comes to the lights being turned off, you don't need to annoy everyone trying to sleep by trying to read with that crappy fluorescent reading light above you.

I've got a hand cream that I always bring on flights. As well as using it on my hands, I also use it as a face cream - nothing serious! I just use it to keep my skin moisturised as it can get seriously dry on long haul flights in particular.

I didn't even bother writing down 'mobile phone' because I thought that was an obvious choice, but I'd definitely bring along some headphones. If you don't like the options on the entertainment system or are just bored of it, just plug into your phone or whatever and listen to something that interests you - for me it's music, but for others it could be podcasts or audio books.

Ergh, this one I've only discovered recently for some reason. Sometimes the food and the snacks on flights are never enough for me and I crave something a little sweeter - I've got a massive sweet tooth, so chocolate saves me from my cravings! Chocolate cures everything, am I right?

Personally, having been on 24 hour long flights to and from Australia, this one is a must! To be brutally honest, you get sweaty, grimy, and just generally feel really horrible in your skin. I like to have a quick wash (as much as is possible) in the tiny toilet on the flight, and chuck on some deodorant. It's mainly to make me feel better, but it just makes you feel a little more refreshed than you did before.

...or a change of clothes in general! Leading on from deodorant, sometimes it's nice to get out of those sweaty clothes and put on something a bit more fresh! I've never done this myself, but some people bring a pair of pyjamas to change into, which is always a comfortable choice. When you're on a flight, comfort is key!

Lip balm
Like your skin, your lips get dried out as well, so it's always a good idea to carry some kind of lip balm or chapstick with you. I've been using The Body Shop Strawberry Born Lippy lip balm recently which tints my lips ever so slightly as well - this is good for me because it makes me feel slightly more presentable. I know the rest of me looks like poop after the flight, but a little bit of colour never fails to give me a bit more confidence!

What are your long haul must haves?

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