Your Summer, My Winter

I'm originally from England, so Summer is a thing of myths and legends. Some years we get nothing but rain and overcast skies, and...

I'm originally from England, so Summer is a thing of myths and legends. Some years we get nothing but rain and overcast skies, and on the lucky years we'll get about two weeks of fantastic sunshine. At the slightest hint of a good day, you will always smell BBQs and see men taking off their shirts - it's like a Summer rite of passage.

I've been seeing a lot of Summer related posts from people living in the Northern Hemisphere, but for me currently living in the Southern, we're coming into Winter. I still can't get my head around having Winter in July and Christmas in Summer, it's just all back-to-front to me still, even after living here for almost 2 years now.

Winter in North Queensland is completely different to Winter in Melbourne though, even though they're part of the same country. I've heard from friends, that Melbourne can get to as low as 3 degrees; I've seen pictures of people in hats and scarves as if they were in Britain. I'm in North Queensland, where Winter goes down to about 25 degrees, and people (even me), act like it's the coldest thing they've ever encountered. 

The past couple of weeks for me have been really cold in comparison to the Summer I've just survived; temperatures ranging from 30 to 40 degrees with the added humidity making it that much more unbearable. To go from that to 25 degrees is a bit of a shocker in some respects. People are constantly saying to me, "You're from England, surely you're used to the cold", but they forget that I've been in Australia, and have been acclimatised to the Australian weather for almost 2 years now. 

I'm going back to England for a month at the end of June; I will be going from an Australian Winter into a British Summer, and I'm pretty sure I know which one will be hotter. I have a feeling I'm going to absolutely die of cold when I get home, as I've forgotten what Britain's weather feels like, and how to even prepare for it. It's Winter here, and I'm currently wearing a light top and shorts, as the temperature is 30 degrees at the moment; I've forgotten what it feels like to wrap up for the colder months, and I won't be used to wearing shoes and socks as I'm constantly either bare foot or walking around in flip flops.

I've always wanted to experience a hot Christmas and New Year, so at least I can say I've done that now, but I don't think I'll ever be able to get used to the back-to-front seasons ever at all in my life. Christmas is cold, Summer is hot, end of story - I guess my English roots will always pull through in the end.

Have you had experiences like this?

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