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Hello beautiful internet dwellers, I've decided to give you a little update on my Instagram dilemma. Really, I say "dilemm...

Hello beautiful internet dwellers, I've decided to give you a little update on my Instagram dilemma. Really, I say "dilemma" in the loosest way possible, it's not really the world breaking news story of the 21st century or anything. Anyways, if you look back on my post The Problem With Instagram, you will remember that I wasn't quite sure what route to take with my Instagram feed and I seem to have just come to a happy place of consistency.

I haven't really done anything ground-breaking or original, to say the least, I'm just being me, but a bit more selective. My new theme, if you can call it a theme, is simply just tailored around my likes and what I get up to whilst kind of being selective over the aesthetics. I'm not rushing off to set up my flat lays anytime soon let's put it this way; I've just become more consistent and content with what I'm putting out there.

So on to the pictures - since the beginning of June I began a 30 day drawing challenge. Now, me with any kind of challenge usually ends in failure to commit, but I'm determined this month to see it through to the end. It's hosted by Dawn Nicole (#DNDChallenge) and each month she will post prompts that you need to draw or letter on; odd days are for doodling and even days are for lettering. I'm really enjoying it thus far, and it's helping me improve my typography, which I am a massive fan of.

I have also been documenting the food that I have been eating; obviously, I haven't been taking pictures of everything, although thinking about it, maybe I should. I mean, I'm not sure that taking a picture of me dipping my fingers into the Nutella jar would be very motivating for me....wait, what? I didn't admit that! I tend to just document the things I'm proud of, or the healthy things that I nibble on - I've been especially liking making smoothies recently, and when they don't turn out green all the time, it's nice to show it off.

Last but not least, and there's only one of these pictures, I've started bullet journaling again. I really enjoy it, and I genuinely feel as though it gets me motivated and productive - there's nothing more satisfying than checking something off of your to-do list. I just haven't posted as many pictures of my journal at the moment because I'm only just starting to fill it out again this month, and it's pretty plain so far. I have simplified it so it will always be plain (for the time being), but it's only the 7th June, give me a bit of time, please!

I hope to carry on in this fashion for a little while yet, and if anything interesting comes up along the way I'm sure I'll add that too.

What do you like to document on Instagram?

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