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Whenever anybody asks me what's on my bucket list I go silent, I've never really sat down and thought about it. Obviously, I have...

Whenever anybody asks me what's on my bucket list I go silent, I've never really sat down and thought about it. Obviously, I have aspirations and things that I want to do, but I've never written them down in one place. For me, I will only think of the things that apply to me when I'm least expecting it; I can't just sit down and "write a bucket list".

I know for a fact that there are so many things that I want to do, so I will add to this when the time comes - but for now, here we have 15 things that are on my list, in no particular order:

1. Go to a music festival
This surprises a lot of people, but I've just never been to a music festival - my friends and I used to choose a holiday over a music festival because we couldn't afford to do both.

2. Bunjee jump
Crazy? Yes! I did a skydive in Cairns so I feel the next stop onwards is a bungee jump - this one, I want to do in Queenstown, New Zealand. Leading nicely into...

3. Visit New Zealand
Australia and New Zealand were the top countries I wanted to visit when I was younger; Australia has been ticked off, so now onto New Zealand.

4. Go go-karting
Self explanatory really, it just looks super fun! Maybe it's my new found profession?

5. See the Northern Lights
I've seen so many pictures and so much video footage of this spectacular sight, but I want to see it in person. Everything is always 100x better in person!

6. Watch rugby in a corporate box
My dad knows a few people with corporate boxes at home, but whenever there was a spare seat, I wasn't able to go - sod's law, hey? It's still something I want to do though.

7. Fly first/business class
Now this is the dream! They always advertise these seats in airline commercials and it looks absolutely amazing, but doesn't really show what it's like to fly economy, which the majority of the population flies. I actually looked into a higher class for my flight back to England - hahahaha, for a 24 hour flight it's something like $6000! Errr, I really don't think I can afford that for some reason. Maybe a first class flight from Australia isn't where I should start!

8. Watch an international game of Rugby Union
I've seen international rugby league, but it's harder to get tickets to an international rugby union game. I will make it one day.

9. Own a car
Do I really need to explain this one?

10. Visit Uluru
I'm in Australia at the moment, and I still haven't visited the great rock in the centre.

11. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
I ticked off visiting Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower, but I'm yet to take a trip up to the top of the iconic structure.

12. Road trip around America
This is just something that sounds ridiculously cool! The only issue with this would be the planning - I have no idea where I'd even start, as America is just so huge.

13. Travel my own country
A lot of people can't say they've travelled their own country, me included, but I want to change that. I used to go on weekend trips to different places for rugby away games, but I was never a tourist in any of these places. It sounds stupid, but only since leaving England have I realised that it's actually a stunning country and has it's own unique quirks that I want to explore.

14. Travel around Europe
Again, like the UK, Europe is right next door to me! Yes, I'm technically in Europe (for the time being anyways, but we won't get into that). I haven't been to enough places in Europe despite how close it is to England, it's sad and I want to change that.

15. Work from home
Job wise, in whatever I end up doing, this is where I want my base to be - in the comfort of my own home.

What's on your bucket list?

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