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I recently came across a post on Facebook which read the following: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: When you treat retail employees lik...

I recently came across a post on Facebook which read the following:

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: When you treat retail employees like shit, you become an instant joke. You are the story they tell over coffee to make their friends and family laugh at the idiot. You are the person they mimic in a squeaky voice. Next time you want to yell at a retail employee, imagine them repeating what you are about to say in a squeaky voice. Because that will be your legacy.

Just a little note, this may end up being a bit of a brain dump rant for me.

I don't understand people sometimes, how can you be purposely rude to another person you don't know when they have done nothing wrong - and even if they do make mistakes, we're all human! If something is wrong, or you don't like something, go ahead and make a complaint as you are perfectly in your rights, but there is absolutely NO need to be rude, disrespectful or yell at anybody.

I work in hospitality so I've witnessed a lot of this first hand, as well as seeing the effects it has on other people. Just yesterday, a friend of mine broke down into tears in the kitchen because she was shocked at how rude a customer was to her, but as a waitress you have to be apologetic and smiley still when some people don't even deserve that. The issue had nothing to do with her, and she was just trying to sort out a way to resolve the situation, but the customer just decided to make her feel worthless and that's just not on at all. Even if it was her fault, I would never expect that kind of treatment.

I don't care whether you're in a bad mood for whatever reason - I will sympathise with you, but there's still absolutely NO reason to take out your problems on anybody else, it's not their fault.

In some instances, as the quote above mentions, you do end up talking about these situations with friends and family - you talk about this person in a negative light, how they made you feel like crap, and how they can even have the heart, or lack thereof, to be like that in the first place. Is that how you, as a customer, want to be seen? I know I certainly don't!

I know this sounds really weird, but sometimes I try to be indifferent and rude by not saying please or thank you - I just physically can't do it! Manners cost absolutely nothing, and just because somebody is 'serving' you in a restaurant, supermarket, or wherever else, it doesn't make them any less of a person or any less worthy of respect. Just like you, they are doing what needs to be done to get by with their lives and earn money! This doesn't even just fall in the category of customers and staff, it should be relevant in everyday life as well.

If everyone was just a little bit kinder to one another, then the world would be a much nicer place.

What are your thoughts?

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