Who motivates me?

So many people find inspiration from events, or celebrities, or their families but I don't find mine from any of those. I mean there ...

So many people find inspiration from events, or celebrities, or their families but I don't find mine from any of those. I mean there are things that have inspired me, celebrities that I admire, and my family are above awesome, but it's none of those things that keep me going. My motivation derives from me, and me alone.

As self-absorbed as that may sound, I think it's a pretty obvious thing to say, all things considered. You are ultimately the one that decides everything in your life and you should always be striving to be better for yourself. The only person you should have to answer to, should be yourself, and why should you have to answer to anyone else? (Obviously, if you're in school, please listen to teachers and your elders, but you know what I mean, surely!)

I'm trying to constantly challenge myself to be better, to make myself happier and to do what I want to do. It's my life that I'm living, and I'm most definitely not living for anybody else. Do things because you want to do them, not because somebody is telling you that's the way that things should be. A big example of this for me is when I decided to go travelling.

There's this stereotypical life that a lot of people feel you need to live - school, university, job, house, family, children (or something along those lines). Now, if that's the life that you're leading and you're more than happy with it, then good for you, I'm behind you all the way. However, if you don't feel as though you can live up to these unsaid expectations that a lot of people feel you should be achieving, then you shouldn't feel you have to. I said "fuck it" to the world, and decided to up that stereotype and go travelling. I did it for me, to get away, to start afresh. I can say with the utmost confidence that it has 100% been the best decision that I have made in my life, and I made it off of my own back. I said that I could do it and I did.

I'm a massive believer in being your own inspiration; aspire to be a better you, for you!

What or who motivates you?

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  1. My mottp is #Live2Inspire and I even got it inked on my hand as a constant reminder.

    1. That's a great motto! Keep living by it for sure :)


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