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Hello my little internet dwellers! Recently, I've been seeing a few Paperchase hauls and wishlists on my Bloglovin'  feed, and it&#...

Hello my little internet dwellers! Recently, I've been seeing a few Paperchase hauls and wishlists on my Bloglovin' feed, and it's really made me miss that shop so flipping much. I never used to buy much because it was a little too expensive, but the merchandise was so unbelievably pretty that I could just browse for hours and hours. I miss it here in Australia, but I have found an alternative in Typo.

Each of these pencils has a little inspirational quote embossed on the side:
"Don't grow up it's a trap", "I had too much to dream last night", "Don't let anyone dull your sparkle", "Don't give up your daydream", "I wish there was an extra day between Saturday and Sunday", and "Wild at heart". Obviously, I don't know if these quotes are the same on each set of pencils, but I'd presume they are. I love these because they are bright and colourful, and they remind me of when I was younger - I used to have a set of pencils with my name embossed on them. Does anybody remember those? 

2. Cat Head Mug $9.99
This is just SO CUTE. It's so simple but it's so unbelievably adorable; I'm really not sure how you're supposed to drink out of it with the ears in the way, but I would find a way!

3. Cap It Off $9.99
If you know me, you'd know that I love any kind of clothing with ears; whether it be hoodies, wooly hats, or even this cute cap. I miss my wooly hat with ears back home, but I don't feel as though it would be very fitting for the weather over here in Australia, so this cap would be an awesome alternative. I love bringing out the inner child in me!

This is such a lovely way to show off your snaps; I love the rustic nature of the design, and the fact that you manually clip up the photos you like. I've always wanted something like this in my bedroom, and all I'd need now is a polaroid camera to create the perfect sized snaps.

Being a traveller myself, it's such a wonderful idea to journal the adventures that you have, the people you meet, and collect little tidbits from the things you experience. This book even has little pouches for your tickets and passport, so it's a pretty handy thing to have.

For the longest time I've wanted a colouring book; not for the relaxation or the therapy it's supposed to provide, but just for the simple art of colouring. I love art and I love being creative, so I feel this would be perfect for me. I really hate the term "adult colouring book" because why do you need to justify not being a child to colour?

What do you think of my choices? What would you pick?

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  1. I wish we had Paperchase in Australia as well, I usually just stick to either Typo or Kikki K though.

    That cat head mug is so cute as well! I know my best friend would absolutely love something like that.


    1. Oh, I've never heard of Kikki K before (quickly Googles) looks so pretty...I will have to have a better browse, thank you! I just saw the mug and was like WANT, it's so adorable, I'm not sure I'd ever use it though, it looks like something I'd just stick pencils in on my desk :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Eeee a wishlist :)

    I love Paperchase too - especially the cute little postcards that they do. I've got several waiting to go into frames.

    Typo looks like a pretty cool shop too, those embossed pencils are right up my street x


    1. Haha, I've been wanting to do a wishlist for a while but didn't wanna force something that I'm genuinely not interested in, like clothes or fashion so thought stationary was more apt for me :) I want to just browse paperchase when I'm home - I'll add that to my monthly to-do list. But yeah it's pretty much like a more rustic paperchase. Paperchase is more clean cut.

  3. Oh, these sound amazing to me! I love those little massages on the pencils and travel journal sounds like a great idea :) I wish we had something similar here in Lithuania :/

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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