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Good day internet dwellers, I have just finished watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. How many times have you watched it now, Katie? E...

Good day internet dwellers, I have just finished watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. How many times have you watched it now, Katie? Er...well, this is a little embarrassing as it's actually my first ever watch through! Well, apart from the time when I saw the first one when it came out when I was 10. I was 10 for crying out loud, I don't remember anything.

I absolutely LOVED the trilogy; I jumped, I laughed, I cried, it was just perfection. Although, I hated Pippin, and still believe he caused the whole entire war because of his stupidity in EVERYTHING! But yeah, nothing but love love love for this epic movie series. I still haven't seen The Hobbit, although I read it (and loved it) when I was a teenager, so I'm looking forward to moving onto that series next. Why, you ask, has it taken me so long to get to watching these movies? Well let me tell you.

I hate hype. (and the fact that these movies are about 3 hours long each, but that's not the point of this post, ha)

There we go, simple as pie. I just absolutely despise hype. I know a lot of the time hype is most definitely justified, with Lord of the Rings being the epitome of this statement, but sometimes I feel a lot of things are overrated for the amount of praise they get. I've read plenty of hyped books only to hate them, but similarly, I've also read hyped books and loved them. I guess you have to take things as they come, but nowadays, I don't really like to buy into the hype of anything. I may watch it, or read it, but I will always go in with a neutral mind.

I remember when I went to see Twilight for the first time as a teen (another hyped franchise); I absolutely loved the books and was buzzing to see the film. When I got out of the cinema I couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was, but when I started to really think about it, I mean really think about it, I realised the film was not that great after all. In this regard, I believe a lot of people are swept away from the reality of the situation with all the hype that surrounds it. Hype in this instance can be seen as a veil of deception in some ways I guess, making things seem better than they actually are.

I'm not saying that I've never been affected by hype, as I'm pretty sure my Twilight story proves that I have. I'm just saying I don't like hype as a whole, and how it clouds peoples judgement. I have absolutely nothing against fandoms or people that promote hype in that kind of way - they're a brilliant way of bringing together a community of like-minded people who are interested in the same thing, and I think that's brilliant. Maybe it's unfortunate that I've never associated myself with one of these fandoms as such, maybe I'm missing out on a rite of passage. However, I'm more than happy with the experiences I've had already.

What are your thoughts on hype?

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  1. i probably give into hype way too much haha but i don't really mind, i actually have never watched LOTR either but i would like to!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I think I purposely don't do things because of the hype, hence my whole not watching LOTR until now, haha! But I'd DEFINITELY give the series a go when you have the time, it's amazing! Thank you for reading and have a lovely day :)


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