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Good morning, afternoon and evening internet dwellers - whatever time frame you're in right now I'm wishing you a good day. It&...

Good morning, afternoon and evening internet dwellers - whatever time frame you're in right now I'm wishing you a good day. It's been a while since I posted something a little travel related, so I thought I'd do a kind of flashback post to when I went to Pallarenda in North Queensland.

Pallarenda is about a half hour bus journey from where I'm living at the moment, so it wasn't too bad compared to some of the bus journeys I've been on - cough, 12 hours, sigh. Why is Australia so big and so far apart?! Anyways, I digress, I decided to come on this little adventure by myself because at the time I'd been in North Queensland for about 4 or 5 months and I hadn't done anything relatively touristy. This was due to the fact that I got a job pretty much straight upon arrival, which I am grateful for, so don't get me wrong.

I decided to have a little walk along the beach, whereupon I did a drawing of the surroundings (including Magnetic Island), and then went on one of the many walking trails along Cape Pallarenda. I'm not a very fit person so I opted for one of the shorter trails - it was a really hot day, I was by myself with nobody in sight, and I didn't want to collapse and die on a trail only to be found days later. WOAH, that escalated quickly!

Talking of it being a really hot day, I actually took extra precautions in order to not get heat stroke or anything of the like. My precaution pack consisted of: a hat, suncream, mozzy spray, and a litre bottle of water - but despite my best efforts (for once) of keeping myself protected, I still managed to get heat exhaustion and I STILL have no idea why. I was so careful!?!

Palleranda has beautiful views of Townsville city and Magnetic Island, which unfortunately aren't shown to the full extent in any of my pictures - sorry about that! I'm only just learning to take a lot of photos for my blog now, this was pre-blog (PB); at the time I just wanted to enjoy my day, free of a lot of technology. I was being good.

I've got another little story of the day for you. Before I came to Australia, everyone (jokingly) told me to always check under the toilet seat for spiders or snakes or anything deadly; I just laughed it off. Half of me is always nervous about things like that however, so when I go to public toilets (especially in places like this) I always like to check. So I checked under the seat and nothing was there, but after I'd finished and flushed, I see this frog leg sticking out from under the inside of the bowl (if that makes sense). I peed with a frog, A FROG?! I'm not entirely sure how to react to this, even now.

I really need to go on more little adventures by myself in the near future. I find it refreshing to explore new places and admire the beauty in everything, rather than just sit at home doing the same mindless tasks day in day out. It also gives me and excuse to create new content to post on this blog, which is always a result ;)

When was the last time you went exploring?

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