May Goals Rewind

Everyone always says that they say every month that they can't believe it's a certain month of the year. But I  never  say that ...

Everyone always says that they say every month that they can't believe it's a certain month of the year. But I never say that so I'm allowed to okay? OH MY GOD HOW IS IT ALMOST JUNE ALREADY? This year has gone ridiculously fast and is getting faster as time goes on. I'm going home to England for a month at the end of June for my best friend's wedding in July, and it seems only yesterday that I was deciding when to book my flights home. No need to dwell on how fast time is going, we just need to live every day to the fullest and be thankful.

Now let's have a recap of how May went with regards to the goals I set for myself before we get into my goals for June tomorrow:

1. Reach 5000 views - I had no idea what to really aim for here, but upon reflection I can see that 5000 was a little bit too ambitious. Although, they always say to aim high! Think I'll just keep an eye on my page views in the future and log them for my own personal benefit to see improvements rather than aiming for a certain amount.

2. Post at least one art piece a week - I don't think I quite did this, but I'm extremely happy with my progress in the art department. I've started to draw some of my blog post pictures and I've even started bringing my sketchbook out with me on days out.

3. Schedule my tweets - I can tick this one off fully as I did it a lot.

4. Become more active on Instagram - Yeah nah, this didn't really happen at all. I think I'm stuck in a rut on my Instagram, as I'm torn between creating a theme/aesthetic for myself, and just creating random snapshot pictures. You can check out my post relating to this here!

5. Take more pictures - I definitely have taken a lot more pictures this month than in previous months. I've made more of a conscious effort to do so when I'm out and about.

6. Technology rehab - One of my priorities that didn't go so well. Kind of speaks for itself really!

7. Read 10 books - City of Heavenly Fire happened. That monstrosity of a crap pile happened in May, causing me to not even get close to my goal. I'm currently on my third book of the month, go figure!

8. Dry May - I'm so happy I managed to do this one; admittedly I didn't go out in many situations where people were drinking which made it easier, but I'm still happy I didn't have a casual drink at Alex's or at home or anything like that. I won't forbid myself from drinking next month, but if I do, I'll take it slow.

9. Save $50 a week - I'm very proud that I was able to put away money each week; it was a bit more than $50 as well which is even better.

10. Get into a sleeping routine - This one I'm making progress with still and will carry on into June. Some days I'd be good, some days I'd be bad, I don't think I'm ever going to get a proper routine working a hospitality evening job, reeeeally.

11. Get back into bullet journaling - Only just. Going to focus on this more in June.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how I got on, slow but small steps, and I will continue with a few of these in June as well. I'm sure I'll keep you up to date on those!

How was May for you?

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