I Hated Making Phone Calls

Hello my little internet dwellers, how are you all on this fine day? Well, it's a nice sunny day here in North Queensland - but whe...

Hello my little internet dwellers, how are you all on this fine day? Well, it's a nice sunny day here in North Queensland - but when is it not? I'm here today to talk to you about something I remember from my younger years, that seems really insubstantial now, but used to freak me out - making phone calls.

When I was younger I used to hate making phone calls with an undeniable passion. I'm talking my teenage years here, not when I was five or something, when I could only just form a coherent sentence - be realistic, guys!

Okay, a big example of this is with my finances. My Dad used to work in a money handling type of role (I don't know specifics), so he used to help me with my banking, savings, and generally what to do with my money. He did as much as he could for me in his position over the phone, but sometimes they needed me to call up personally, or they needed me to verify some information over the phone. I would absolutely brick it in each of these situations and I used to put it off for as long as possible and see if there was any way of getting my Dad to do it for me - I was just so scared. I'd end up doing it, but I didn't like it.

At one point I had to call up companies asking for work experience, and I went through the same trauma. I have no idea why I felt this way, I mean, I don't know what I thought these people were going to do to me over the phone - shout and bully me in a really loud voice, or send some cryptic telephone bug down the line that would crawl into my ear? I really don't think so.

The first couple of jobs I landed were hospitality jobs where I had to deal with customers whether they were nice, horrible or just plain weird. I had to be social, talk to strangers and be friendly with them no matter how friendly, or not so friendly, they were to me. It was a new thing for me, but it built my confidence and my people skills; it taught me how to interact with people, customers, strangers. It also taught me how to deal with complaints, compliments and the general day to day conversations of the work place.

I went from hospitality into a 9-5 office job, where I claimed to have a good phone manner, even though I was still half scared of making and taking phone calls. This would turn out to be one of the main duties of the job. The first task I got given at work was to essentially cold call our own customers so we could try and update our database with up-to-date emails addresses, phone numbers, etc. It was horrible! I got yelled at because they thought I was fake, I got hung up on, and the majority of the time, I would try and get this information by looking at their websites or googling the company because I was too scared to call them.

After that first telephone hurdle I became more confident in my phone manner and started to put a little bit of personality into my calls - it became more natural to me. With practise and my confidence building experiences in the hospitality trade, I overcame my fear of making and taking phone calls. I now have absolutely no problems doing it and I feel kind of stupid for feeling that way in the first place. There's nothing wrong with having little fears though, it's the overcoming of those fears that makes you stronger no matter how insignificant they may sound.

What fears have you overcome?

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  1. I love this post! I too have a problem making calls. They are scaring me for some reasons. I'd love to overcome that fear in the future and I like to think that I am going towards that goals step by step. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thank you :) yeah, I think it's a pretty common thing for people to fear. It could be the idea that you don't really know how someone's reacting cause you can't see facial expressions. For me I was the same with talking to random strangers as well so it was just a general strangers thing for me. x

  2. I have a sense of de ja vu with this one: I'm sure I've read it in the last few days (although it is good!).

    1. Bit confused by this, haha! You should know what I was like though hey? :p x

  3. Love this post! I used to HATE making phone calls, but since being in a previous job where I had to, I have kinda come around to it!
    a life of a charlotte

    1. Thank you :) I think a lot of people get over it by being forced to in certain jobs - I know the majority of jobs I applied for at the time involved taking calls so I kind of HAD to say I was confident on the phone, haha! Thanks for reading Charlotte :) x

  4. Omg! I am such an introvert! I hate making calls as well! I think it's that fact that you have to deal with complaints and also the pressure of everyone in the office hearing your phone conversation. I am still working on this. I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one who hates phone calls :/


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