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Throughout the blogosphere, you constantly are seeing guides on "How to X" and "How to Y", but has anyone ever ma...

Throughout the blogosphere, you constantly are seeing guides on "How to X" and "How to Y", but has anyone ever made a blog post about how to stick to "how to" guides. Well if they have, please link me to it because I'd genuinely love to give it a read as I have no idea.

I'm one of those people that sees these types of posts and automatically clicks on it without thought because, "I want to be a morning person", or "I want to not get distracted by social media". I absolutely love these posts to death and back as they give you simple numbered steps that you can follow in order to make X easier for you. When I want to do something I (maybe stupidly) look for these guides (along with Google) to help me and to give me inspiration; they give me inspiration alright, but they don't give me the inspiration to stick to it.

It's all well and good being told to just "get up early" for example, but for some of us it's harder than others okay!? I'm one of those people that has good intentions by setting an alarm, but half-way through the night, I will wake up and move it forward, and wake up again and turn it off because I'm too tired. It's all very well getting up early, but I don't feel you can just go cold turkey on a lot of these things. I know I may sound like a bit of an idiot right now, but I've just got to thinking at the moment!

If I could have my way, I would literally have hundreds of these guides in my "advice" collection, but I know I'd just get bogged down and nothing would ever get done. I always end up reading article after article about what I'm going to do in certain situations, so much, that I never get anything done. These posts are most definitely a blessing and a curse!

So, if anyone knows any techniques in order to stick to these guides, please please please feel free to let me know! I really want to do half of these things - really I do!

Do any of you guys ever feel the same?

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  1. I kind of can relate to, Katie. There are 'how to' guides that I'd love to follow but I end up not doing it and I don't really know why. I'd say just do it. There is no magical technique or anything rather than just getting a grip and doing it :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Oh, I probably know deep down that I just need to get motivated to just start as everything starts with you, but know! Maybe I got inspired to write this post from the fact that I want to get things done, etc. It actually started off in my head as a 'funny' post, and then kind of developed, ha :)


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