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Good day internet dwellers, Leta over at The Nerdy Me has a post about 5 Flavours That I Can't Live Without which really got...

Good day internet dwellers, Leta over at The Nerdy Me has a post about 5 Flavours That I Can't Live Without which really got me inspired to create a series of senses posts. Obviously, our senses play a very big part of our life as they are everywhere; you're always touching, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling things every day, whether you consciously think about it or not. Today, I'm going to touch on smell (ignore the sense pun which was completely unintentional), and go through some of my favourite smells.

Marker Pens
Probably not a good one to start off with because it's kind of harmful. Well, it's very harmful, but it's not like I go around with my nose stuck on a marker for hours upon hours. I normally have a quick smell and get on with my day. There's just something so addictive about it, wait...that's probably not a good thing.

Clean Sheets
There's absolutely nothing like the smell and feel of your bed sheets right after they have been washed. It's just so fresh and crisp and wonderful - sometimes I even bury my face in the smell for minutes at a time (don't judge me). Funnily enough, I only got that when I was living at home though, there's something about the way my Mum does washing that's completely different to the way I personally do it, and I have no idea what it is.

A good men's aftershave is glorious. Even when I'm walking down the street, sometimes a guy will walk past me with a brilliant smelling aftershave on and I will just want to smell him all day. My boyfriend wouldn't approve of that in the slightest, but I wouldn't actually do it to a random stranger, however, I do do it to Alex sometimes. I just appreciate a good smelling man, it's a turn on for me.

Just After Rain
You must know what I'm talking about with this one as it's hard to explain. I just love that fresh smell you get just after it's rained and everything's cleared. I don't know, is it the smell of rain? All I know is that although I don't really like rain, but I adore the smell you get in the aftermath.

What are your favourite smells?

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  1. Petrol is one of my favourite smells for sure - also harmful haha but again, like you with your marker pens I don't purposefully seek it out. I also love the smell after it's just been raining. Oh and bacon, yum! xx


    1. Ah yes, I remember your love for the smell of petrol :p I've never understood that one, for me it's not a horrible smell but I wouldn't crave it, haha! x


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