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Hello internet dwellers, how are you all? I'm currently eating corn on the cob and enjoying a relaxing morning going through ...

Hello internet dwellers, how are you all? I'm currently eating corn on the cob and enjoying a relaxing morning going through blogs and blogging myself. Everyone has these little things that make them unique, they may seem weird to some people, but others can most definitely relate, I'm sure. I like to call them little quirks, so here are a few of mine.

Now this could technically be seen as an OCD of sorts, but it's very mild if it is; I like things to be aligned correctly. I like to adjust hanging pictures if they're askew, I like my cutlery at a restaurant to be dead straight and aligned at the bottom, glasses have to be in the dead centre of a coaster. I can just tell when things are off, and it annoys me.

I hate it when somebody is eating and I'm not, I hate the sound of chewing unless I'm also eating. I know that sound stupidly selfish but the sound really grinds my gears and makes me feel uncomfortable. People who also chew with their mouth open really bug me too.

I always seem to find myself counting the steps I take almost everywhere I go, this is especially relevant when walking up sets of stairs. I don't speak out loud but I'm almost always counting in my head if I'm by myself, and even when I try to stop when I realise what I'm doing, it's always a constant voice in the back of my head.

Weird negative thoughts
I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this one, but sometimes I think really weird negative death related thoughts in certain situations - okay, well I know I'm not gonna be able to explain this unless I give you a couple of examples. I'm in a car driving around a mountain and I think to myself, "we could just topple over the side and die right now", or I'm standing on my balcony thinking, "what would happen if I jumped?". Like, I'm never gonna actually do what I say, but I always have a thought about what would happen. I think I read somewhere that this is a natural process, and our brain and common sense generally always kick in before we do something stupid.

This is a VERY popular thing; I like the volume on anything to be a multiple of 5 or an even number. When I see someone changing the volume to an odd number I get anxious and actually ask to go up or down one. Sometimes I even like to round to the nearest 5 even if I am on an event number.

These are only a few that I could think of as everyone must have so many in their lives, some of which they probably don't even notice.

What are some weird little things that you do?

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  1. You scared me a bit with that photo! Haha, love this post. I also like things to be aligned and I cannot stand when people chew with their mouth open! It's so annoying. Another thing that people find very weird and amusing about me is that I hate when people leave things opened and not closed. For example, if I see a door of fridge or whatever it is called in the shops I will have to close it. It annoys me to no end if people can't be bothered to close them correctly. My mother is always laughing at me and says things like: "Oh, Leta! Look those doors aren't closed. Go and close it, haha".

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Haha, sorry about that :p but thank you! I think I get what you mean with leaving things opened and not closed. Even when I'm around the house and people leave cupboards open, I start to feel anxious and need to go over and close it. Even if I try and ignore it, something niggles in the back of my mind. It's not funny when people mock our weird little things, hey :)

      Thank you for reading :)


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