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Netflix is a very serious disease, it's an addiction, and one that I'm not ashamed to admit that I have. I just thought I'd...

Netflix is a very serious disease, it's an addiction, and one that I'm not ashamed to admit that I have. I just thought I'd share a little slice of that addiction with you - what I've been watching, what I plan to watch, and my thoughts.

I think this is one of the first series on Netflix that is being released week by week alongside the regular television version - good idea, but kind of not what Netflix is about, hey? It's about binge watching the TV you love for hours at a time until that little screen pops up asking you: "Are you still watching?".....but I digress.....Shadowhunters. This is a show based on the best-selling book series by Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments. I really enjoyed the books (although I'm yet to read the last one), I hated the film adaptation, and so naturally I was very skeptical of the new TV show. Heh, the show is okay, it deviates from the books a lot but it was never meant to be full on scene for scene. Some of the acting is bad *cough* Clary and Jace scenes *cough*, and some of the acting is good - Alec Lightwood played by Matthew Daddario being a good choice. The writing has been more cheesy than not, but as I said, it's just okay.

Shameless (US)
There is a UK version of Shameless that I never watched - I only saw snippets of it when changing channels, and it didn't really look like my thing. It's basically about a family that live in a council estate and revolves around the havoc they wreak. So when I saw that the US had again, taken a British TV show and revamped it, I wasn't best pleased. I rolled my eyes a little when I saw my housemates watching it, but I had dinner to eat and nothing else to do, so I sat down and started watching it. My goodness, it was good. I only saw a few episodes here and there, and I'd really like to watch all of them again in order, but from what I did see, I really enjoyed. Listen up kids, don't judge something before you've experienced it.

That 70s Show
When I was doing my farm work last year, this show always seemed to be on TV, and I'd never watched it before. I really have no idea why I'd never watched it before, even now! This is a comedy show about a bunch of teens in the 70s and their coming of age stories and is absolutely hilarious - yes, it's a canned laughter type of American comedy - sigh - but I still find it funny. This show started in 1998, (can you believe that?!) so you are basically watching baby versions of Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Laura Prepon which is so weird to see nowadays.

Orange Is The New Black
Speaking of Laura Prepon, she looks a lot more grown up, with tats and a hair dye included in this very TV show. Ergh, I absolutely LOVE this show, I've just finished watching the third series which is the last until they release the fourth in June (I believe). I am SUPER excited to start watching again - can't you tell with my overuse of the caps lock and the bold decoration on the words "love" and "super"? The plot, and the writing, and the acting, and the everything about this whole damn show is absolutely fantastic. The writing is especially brilliant I find, it's so witty, relevant and also has some quite profound undertones at times. I wasn't all that keen on the third series I'll admit, but as a whole, this is a show that has kept me hooked.

I'll be adding more shows to this segment at a later date, but for now, are there any shows that you've been watching recently (Netflix or not) that you've been loving? I'd love to know!

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  1. I had the same experience with "Shameless US". Now I am completely obsessed!

    XOXO, IF ||

    1. I knoww, it's so good hey?! I really do wanna get around to watching it properly, along with the UK version. Thanks for reading :)


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