May Goals

May will be my month, I'm certain of it! I've got a lot of goals that I want to keep, and I've got a few goals (underline...

May will be my month, I'm certain of it! I've got a lot of goals that I want to keep, and I've got a few goals (underlined) that I want to really focus on if I can't complete them all. Positivity is going to be key this month and I want you guys here on my journey:

Reach 5000 views
I've never really set myself this kind of goal, so I really had no idea what kind of number to aim for to start off with. I saw that last month I had 1000 views so I thought, why not bump it up a bit?

Post at least one art piece a week
This should encourage me to get my art on, I've been really inspired recently so hopefully this will spur me on.

Schedule my tweets
I'm so bad with tweeting my blog posts, especially if I'm not around or forget when they go live. I'd definitely benefit from preprepared tweets for sure.

Become more active on Instagram
I've become unbelievably slack on this platform recently; maybe it's because I'm not travelling around anymore so don't have beautiful beaches and scenery to post. I want to start promoting my blog more from here and taking photos of my every day life to share with everyone.

Take more pictures
Akin to my Instagram goal, I want to generally take more pictures throughout the day. I'm not a budding photographer or anything of the sort, but sometimes it's just nice to take a few pictures a day in order to journal my life in a different way.

Technology rehab
I want to do a few things under this heading:
  1. Delete (a lot of) social media from my phone and keep it deleted for at least a month. I need to leave Facebook on there because I get a lot of information during the day sometimes about work; rosters, changes in hours, shift swaps, etc.
  2. Don't look at screens an hour before I go to sleep - this is so I have time to wind down, relax and get more reading done.
  3. Limit the amount of time I spend on social media in general. Recently, I've been spending way too much time scrolling and rescrolling through the same news feed that I want to spend my time more wisely. I may try out one of those sites that blocks websites for certain amount of time.
  4. Don't get distracted whilst doing things online - writing this post is a brilliant example of this, as I keep flicking back to my unchanging facebook page for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
Read 10 books
This is a very big goal for me, as the most I've read in a month so far this year has been 4 books, which was in April. I want to challenge myself in this department in a big way so I thought why not set my heights high.

Dry May
I want to try another dry month. I don't go out drinking all the time, but recently I feel I've had a bit too much and I've genuinely considering not drinking in general. Not that I've done anything bad or anything, but I always worry and regret the next day for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I have no idea why I feel this way, but I don't like it.

Save $50 a week
When I first started working here I was saving $200 a week which was amazing, but recently, through shift cuts and lack of work, I haven't been able to save a thing and my savings have pretty much stayed static. I've just been spending what I've been earning which has been enough for rent and living, but I genuinely want to start saving again. $50 is a minimum amount a week but I would like to save a little bit more.

Get into a sleeping routine
Now this isn't necessarily about getting up or going to bed earlier, it's about how I go about my routine. I have been spending my time before bed playing games on my iPad, scrolling through social media or texting, and going back to my other goal I will be reading before bed instead. I don't get up ridiculously late, but when I do it takes me a good couple of hours (unless I've got work) to get going with the day and what I planned to do. However, sometimes I'd find myself at 2PM, tired out of my brain, and going for an unnecessary nap. I just want to sort things out basically, as I feel as though I'm sleeping too much at weird times of the day and I'm out of routine. This won't happen straight away, but I want to get started at least.

Get back into bullet journalling
I started slacking in this department at the beginning of the month and have been pretty non existant since. I want to get back into this routine as it did bring me an odd calm when I used it to plan my days.

Phew, that was a lot to get out, now here's to a cracking May!

Have you set yourself any goals for May?

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  1. Great piece - let's hope you stick to it!


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