Let's get out of this drawing rut

One of my favourite past times has definitely got to be drawing, without a doubt. I'm a creative soul through and through, although...

One of my favourite past times has definitely got to be drawing, without a doubt. I'm a creative soul through and through, although I swear, the majority of the time I spend being in a drawing or creative rut of my own making.

It annoys the hell out of me to be honest, as I'm always telling people that I'm a creative person, but you never see me doing anything, or see any results of my creativity. Yes, I've got the blog which is a massive creative outlet for me, as well as being a general outlet for thoughts and feelings, but it's not drawing. You know what my biggest problem is - perfection!

I'm a HUGE perfectionist. If something's not perfect first time around I throw it out, if I make a wrong line when I even start a drawing I throw it out, if I'm not happy with an idea...guess what? I throw it out! This has been a massive issue for me with my drawing, as everyone tells me, and I already know; art isn't about perfection. Tell that to my brain! Pst, I'm even a perfectionist with my writing - I could be writing a shopping list, and if I don't like my handwriting, I start again - honestly, I have no idea what's wrong with me, haha!

I want to put an end to this. Right. NOW!

Let's start off this drawing energy by having a look at some drawings that I have done in the past year or so. I have numbered the drawings in the above picture so let's do this :)

1. In another drawing, I was designing different capital letters and the ink bled through, so I designed and scribbled around the back to front letter. This was a first for me as well by actually drawing over a previous drawing.

2. I love typography, and with this piece, I decided to create some bubble writing with some fun drawings and characters surrounding it. I got inspired by a certain artist on Instagram, but for the life of me, I really can't remember who it was. I love to create typography pieces from quotes that relate to me at the time.

3. In general life, I enjoy creating lists, so I thought why not illustrate them. I listed and drew a picture of everything I ate on that day. I've also done the same thing for food shopping, to-do lists and outfit of the days in the past as well.

4. Last year when I was working on a farm, there wasn't much to do, so I attempted a month of a daily drawing journal where I would illustrate something that happened on that day. I really enjoyed thinking of something different to draw each day, as my days were often quite similar.

5.  I drew this when I went on a day trip to a creek near where I was living at the time. I'm normally quite scared of drawing, especially with pen, straight from what I see, rather than imaginary images. However, I'm actually pretty pleased with the way this one turned out!

6. Again, like number 1, I drew on the back of a bled-through image. It was really interesting to just outline the imagery because although you may think it would be exactly the same, it was ever so slightly different, and I enjoyed the art of tracing as well - I found it very therapeutic.

7. Patterns, patterns, patterns. I adore them so much, and they make up a lot of my images, whether it be in decoration or shading, etc. I just like the repetition and again, find it therapeutic. Maybe I should do more of this drawing m'larky to just calm me down if I find it this therapeutic, hey?

8. This was plain and simply just a page of tests, doodles and random drawings. I originally debated for a while, due to my perfectionist tendancies, whether to upload this page to Instagram, but I went against my instincts and did it anyways. It actually encapsulates the freedom of drawing, in a sense that you don't have to create perfect finished pieces all of the time to create a good bit of artwork.

9. I listen to music a lot when I draw, and often I take inspiration from a lyric that I like. In this case, I just decided to write what I heard. As previously mentioned, I like typography.

I really really really hope to be posting some artwork in some shape or form sooner rather than later. In my heart of hearts, I really want to jump on that bandwagon again and get creative.

How do you inspire yourself if you're stuck in a rut of some kind?

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