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I touched on how I'm a perfectionist in my artwork in let's get out of this drawing rut , but I've tried to overcome that with t...

I touched on how I'm a perfectionist in my artwork in let's get out of this drawing rut, but I've tried to overcome that with this progression of art. Sometimes my perfectionism causes a blank in my creative nature, it makes me panic at the sight of a blank page and I feel as though anything I do will be a failure. I've embraced that in this drawing, in the quote, as well as the process it took me to get to the final product.

I started with a quote off the top of my head about how I'm feeling right now with regards to art and thought I'd use that as a basis for the drawing. A kind of "screw you" to the way I was feeling as such!

I then added colour to it, yes I had a colour scheme of sorts, but nothing was organised in the way of how I placed the colour throughout the piece. It's all very mismatched; random things were coloured and others were left as blank spaces. 

Now, this is where I really let loose with my perfectionism. I read in an article about artists that are perfectionists, (yes I'm one of those people that Googles everything - don't judge me) that an exercise to try is to "ruin" a page. With art however, I feel as though nothing is ruined, just worked upon, but still this was the hardest of all three parts to actually complete. I kind of hated myself for doodling on top of the drawing and just do whatever I wanted. I used a thick black permanent marker and a fine liner sharpie to doodle over the top in patterns, shapes and blocks. The permanent marker even bled through to the other side of the paper, so that's something to work with on my next venture!

Even if I have to carry on with the same process for a while to get me motivated, I'm happy to do that as long as I'm creating. Addressing and visualising your fears through your work seems to help to deal with it and overcome it. 

Check out my previous art post on beginning to draw again, looking at some of my old artwork here.

How do you overcome your fears?

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