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I've just generally been feeling extremely positive lately, and I just want to express that. You can never have too much happiness an...

I've just generally been feeling extremely positive lately, and I just want to express that. You can never have too much happiness and positivity in your life (and in your blog feed), so here's a little A-Z that I compiled of things that make me happy in my life, whether they be big or little.

Amazon: Where I buy all of my lovely books for the kindle
Books: Where I would be without these wonderful creations, god only knows. The one and only true transportation to another world.
Clean sheets: Oh my goodness, the feel and the smell of them is just divine.
Dreams: I love dreaming at night; I've always had an extremely vivid imagination.
England: This is where my roots are, my friends, my family, my origins.
Family & Friends: This one is a complete given.
Gardens: I didn't appreciate a garden until I came to Oz; a private place to relax and enjoy the weather.
Health: I feel so grateful knowing that my body is working as it should be, day in day out.
Iced coffee: This is quite simply heaven on Earth.
Jaffa Cakes: Now, they don't have these wonderful food items (the cake/biscuit debate is still in full force) in Australia and I am so looking forward to being reunited in the UK.
Katie: We're all allowed to be somewhat self-centred, and I'm extremely happy with where I am in life at the moment
Lists: I love making lists. Fullstop.
Minions: These little bundles of fun never fail to put a smile on my face, more than a smile, in fact, I generally cannot stop laughing when I see them in action.
Netflix: Even though I can never make up my mind what TV show to start or stick with.
Outdoors: I love just chilling in a park, the beach, or even your own back garden. A good book, some music, some friends - bliss!
Pixar: They are most definitely some of my all-time favourite movies and they will never get old.
Quick wit: This is my type of humour and never fails to make me chuckle.
Rugby: One of my biggest passions is watching the sport, whether it be league or union, I'm happy either way.
Sunshine: Although I complain about the heat here, I love the feeling of being out in the sun.
Travelling: This has really flipped my world upside down and as cheesy as it sounds I have really found myself while doing so.
Unwind: It's nice to take time for yourself to relax, take a break and chill. Forget about your worried and remember that tomorrow is a new day.
Venting: Sometimes it good to get everything that you're feeling off of your chest.
Waitressing: It's what I do at the moment, and although it may not be the most glamourous thing, it's a job. I get to work with people and try and make them happy, which I enjoy.
Xcited: Cop out number one for a hard letter okay! I enjoy being excited and watching other people get excited about something. As the wonderful Holden Caulfield (Catcher in the Rye) said, "I like it when somebody gets excited about something. It's nice."
Yes: Saying "yes" to people when it's good for you will take you out of your comfort zone and help you to be more confident.
Zzz: Yeah, this is another cop out for sleeping, but it's 'Z' for crying out loud. But who doesn't love a good ol' nap?

I'm actually really proud that I came up with something for every letter of the alphabet, even if there were a couple of iffy answers - I'm sure you'll forgive me in time ;)

What are some little things that make you happy?

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  1. JAFFA CAKES! I love the lunch pack ones that are little mini ones. I bite the cake part off, then lick the chocolate off, then eat all the orange bits separately. Haha how gross but it's tasty!

    Corinne x

    1. I cannot say yes to this comment enough. I used to do something different to every time I ate those too, so it's not gross in the slightest it's wonderful :D

      Thanks for stopping by!


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