Dear Diary: My happy place

I've been feeling great recently, like really great. Even in the past week or so I just feel as though I've been doing a lot more...

I've been feeling great recently, like really great. Even in the past week or so I just feel as though I've been doing a lot more, and when I'm productive I feel more accomplished and happy with myself. I'm starting to get a handle on all of the personal goals I have for myself for this year.

I'm excited about blogging and I am writing a lot more than I used to. I'm just feeling ridiculously inspired right now to write about anything and everything, and I hope that it's showing in my writing - which I personally feel has improved heaps since I started. I mean proof to me being inspired is the fact that I've pretty much been daily blogging for almost 2 weeks now, which for me, is INSANE!

I'm reading more. Although I'm not necessarily on track for my 40 books for 2016, (I'm currently 4 books behind on my Goodreads) I feel as though I'm getting into the swing of reading a bit more regularly, and I'm enjoying what I'm reading as well. I try to read at least half an hour a day no matter how many pages that is, and if I don't, well that doesn't matter. I'd rather do something and be happy doing it, than force myself.

I started drawing for the first time in 6 months the other day (YAY!), and I am so pumped that I finally decided to jump in again with I just want my art to be perfect. I'm more creative than academic and feel I can express myself more through art than anything else. I love it so much, and once I actually get into it I can be inspired and draw for hours. Hopefully, I can turn this into more of a routine now like my reading - perhaps dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to sitting with my sketchbook or something.

Last but not least, I've been going out more and I've been loving it. For a lot of my time here, I have spent it doing the same things with work on top, but recently I've been organising to do more things with friends and actually getting out and about. I've been to breakfast twice this week, and I've already got a few more things lined up in the next week or so. I just want to enjoy my time here and not get stuck doing the mundane.

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Long story short, I'm absolutely loving life right now and hope for more of the same in the coming months.

How have you been recently?

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  1. Great piece - keep up the 'happy' feeling you have and being positive.


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