An open letter...

You are always the last thing I see at night, you are there, also, first thing in the morning for me. You are my everything and my nothin...

You are always the last thing I see at night, you are there, also, first thing in the morning for me. You are my everything and my nothing, I love you and I dislike parts of you, you bring me so much bliss as well as so much pain. This is my open letter to you - yes you - bed.

You always greet me in new places, although you change slightly every time; sometimes for the best, and sometimes for the worse. I'm used to the changes in you though, bed, as it's what makes you so unique. You are often small, sometimes big, sometimes springy, or tough, but whatever shape or size you come in, I will always welcome you with open arms.

You've seen me at my best and you've seen me at my worst; waking up at 7AM to start the day afresh, coming to meet you at 3AM drunk as a skunk and arising in the morning with a deathly hangover. You know me like no other knows me, and I just know, deep in my heart that you will always be there for me through thick and thin.

You aren't always so nice to me, unfortunately, you sometimes wake me unnecessarily early or wake me to go to work - you and alarm always conspire against me in that regard, and that's something we need to have a serious talk about soon.

As much as I hate that annoying part of you, I love you for so many other reasons. The lie ins we have; the blinds are down and there's a gap producing a beautiful piece of light that doesn't blind me, but illuminates the room enough to slowly wake me. We read together in the afternoons listening to music. You let me nap, even though you know it won't be good for me in the long run, but I adore the fact that you let that go.

I have known you since I was born and we have grown up together, each changing for the better. We have shared so many memories, so many ups and downs, but I will always come back to you, and I will always forgive you at the end of the day.


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  1. What a lovely post! :) I enjoyed reading this. Sammy | {xx}

  2. I bloody love this! What a clever and unique idea for a post :) xx

    1. Haha, thank you so much :) (I'm actually really proud of this one)

  3. At first I thought it may be a love interest and then it was Bed! haha I loved this and I can relate :D

    1. Haha, my plan was to actually give a misleading opening paragraph and I have succeeded ;) yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it though and thanks for reading!

  4. this is so cute, such a fab idea!


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