February Rewind

February has definitely had its up and downs and has been the most stressful month so far. To be honest my 2016 has yet to become awesom...

February has definitely had its up and downs and has been the most stressful month so far. To be honest my 2016 has yet to become awesome so far but I'm not losing hope after 2 months and I've got to stay positive. On my working holiday visa I can only legally work at one employer for 6 months before I have to leave, and I am coming to the end of my 6 months stint with my current employer so am having to think of my future after the end of March and what I'm going to do. I've had a lot of time on my hands recently so I've been blogging a lot more regularly and have been trying to read at least half an hour a day which (apart from when I was ill) has been successful so far. So here's to another month passing and the positives from February:

I told you I go through different phases of music, and this month has been the month of the piano. I recently got really stressed out and my friend Robyn from back home advised me to listen to some Final Fantasy piano music. I love the Final Fantasy games and find the music to be unbelievably calming and beautiful. I got addicted to listening to it in February and I have no problem with that.

I've been watching a couple of things this month; Summer Heights High (or generally anything by the Australian comedian Chris Lilley) is absolutely hilarious and follows the lives of 3 people at a public high school - Ja'mie King, the private school exchange student that's too good for anything, Mr G, the extravagant over dramatic gay drama teacher and Jonah Takalua the Tongan 13 year old trouble maker. Chris Lilley plays all of these characters superbly and takes comedy to another level. The second program I've been addicted to is Orange is the New Black which I have been watching for a couple of weeks now. I'm currently on season 3, with season 4 apparently coming out this year, and I'm absolutely loving it. The writing is so on point; it's funny, it's quick and it's clever. I don't know why it's taken me this long to get into it.

My Birthday
I'm not a massive fan of birthdays in general, and after last year I wasn't looking all too much looking forward to it this year. Last year I spent it in the beach town of Noosa up the East Coast of Australia and all my friends either left the day before or on the day of my birthday so I didn't have a great day. This year however, I know people and knew I was going to be here, so I had time to plan to a certain extent. Alex got me a new purse, Jess and Dan (my room mates) got me a Myer gift card and some flowers (as they remembered that I loved getting flowers) and I went shopping and treated myself to some new clothes and shoes because, well why the hell not?! To top all of that off, me and Alex got a free Nandos with our points that we had been collecting for a while. It was a pretty good day as far as birthdays go.

Ross Noble
I went to see Ross Noble, the Geordie comedian, on Saturday night which was absolutely hilarious. I saw the tickets on sale a couple of weeks back and knew that Alex was a big fan so suggested us both go. I saw some of his stuff on Netflix and I did get a little bored when watching but I thought I'd do it for Alex anyhow. I'm nice like that, ha! ANYWAYS, he totally out did himself and the show was utterly brilliant, with the odd lapse of going a little bit too over the top. On the whole, however, it was hilarious and I was actually crying with laughter for a lot of the show. Ross Noble is all about improvisation; he does have topics to fall back on, but his shows usually come off the back of audience interaction and things he sees which I absolutely love in comedians rather than a scripted one.

How was your February, what did you get up to?

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  1. I absolutely adore Summer Heights high - I have the box set and funnily enough, I was watching it the other day.

    "Welcome to Mr G's room, G's room, G's room, welcome to Mr G's room, come inside xD"

    Also a big fan of OITNB, though I didn't think much of season 3 unfortunately. xx


    1. "Ecstacy, ecstacy, e, e, e, e, ecstacy. She's a naughty girl with a....bad habit for drugs!" That bit got me EVERY time, like I can't even deal, hahaha! Yeah, I'm about half way through season 3 of OITNB at the moment and it's kinda just bobbing along on the surface at the moment, the writing is still amazing but I dunno it's a bit lacklustre yeah!


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