Top 5 Anticipated Movies of 2016

Okay, well I’m honestly really not a movie person; I’m not saying I don’t ever watch movies or go to the cinema, but it’s rare and ...

Okay, well I’m honestly really not a movie person; I’m not saying I don’t ever watch movies or go to the cinema, but it’s rare and far between because something has to really catch my eye before I decide that I want to go and see it. So, when something really does make me sit up and watch the trailer I am all over that shit, like I want it to come out here and NOW! Here are a few of those kind of movies that I am SUPER excited for in 2016:

Deadpool (Feb 12)
Now I know this one is already out, but I’m still counting it because I am yet to see it - I’m hoping to see it next week or as soon as possible. I’m not a massive fan of superhero movies, but Alex assured me before we saw the trailer that it wasn’t really a superhero movie as much as it was a parody; an anti-superhero movie per se like Kick-Ass (which I absolutely LOVED). The trailer was just so funny and I could tell that this movie would be right up my street on the lines of sarcasm and humour.

Zootopia (Mar 4)
Children's animated films are my all time favourite, and this film doesn’t look as though it will disappoint (hope I don’t jinx that). Animals are living the life of humans, now who doesn’t want to see or hasn’t ever thought about that in their lifetime - like seriously!? It’s such an awesome concept and the trailer looks so funny.

Finding Dory (Jun 17)
Okay, now this is my most highly anticipated film of 2016 by far. I am a MASSIVE Pixar fan, and my favourite Pixar film has got to be Finding Nemo. So at the same time as being so excited for this films release I am also incredibly nervous that it won’t live up to or be better than the amazingness that was Finding Nemo. It looks as though it could have the same general concept as the original, as in this film Dory is trying to find her family, but the judges are still out on this one. We will have to wait and see!

Suicide Squad (Aug 5)
First off. Cara Delevingne. BABE! I’m completely in love with her; her looks, her humour, her sarcasm, just everything, I think she’s awesome. Sorry, enough of that! Suicide Squad is yet another anti-superhero movie to a certain extent, but focussed in on the bad guys who are the good guys. All my life for some odd sadistic reason, I have always wanted to see a film or read a book where the bad guys win - I know that sounds really odd. I just think that it’s a concept that has so much potential and I’m so glad they’re doing this to a certain extent in Suicide Squad which is awesome. The trailer looks amazing and it just looks as if it’s going to be hilarious on top of that. I’m just so gutted that I have to wait until August for this one.

A Monster Calls (Oct 14)
Now this movie was a late entry because I didn’t realise it was being released this year. I found out ages ago that this film was being made, but I had no idea on production or release times etc so I couldn’t get excited. This is based on a book of the same title by Patrick Ness, and the book was the first one that I’d ever read in an afternoon alone - admittedly the book was quite short, but still. The book was absolutely stunning in it’s lyrical wording that I hope the film makers capture that essence. The trailer makes the movie look mysterious and brooding and I really hope it can live up to the fibres of this book. I’m also always really nervous about book to movie adaptations, and I know they can’t include everything but still, we'll see where they take this one and if they stay true to the book.

So what movies are you excited to see in 2016? 

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  1. I can't find for Finding Dory!! If it's anything like the original, its going to be amazing!

    1. Ahh, I know right! I'm buzzing so much for this film right now :D x


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