Things to pack when travelling

I just wanted to give you guys a few little tips of random things to pack that will come in useful when/if you decide to start travell...

I just wanted to give you guys a few little tips of random things to pack that will come in useful when/if you decide to start travelling, or are thinking of going on your wild adventure.

A little note before I begin, I will be speaking from the perspective of travelling Australia as obviously packing for other places like Asia will probably be completely different.

Food Clips/Resealable Food Bags
You will need feed clips to preserve your packeted food that isn't resealable otherwise it will go off and you will have to buy more, leading to spending more money which is never a good thing. Having some resealable food bags is a good thing to have as well for storage purposes if you want to bring that last little bit of pasta along with you but want to cut down on the clunky packaging it comes in. The bags are also good for storing other things that you may have with you like pencils, makeup or even tissues for example.

Although this isn't the case with all hostels, the majority of hostels have lockers to store your valuables. However, they don't just come with a key, you need to provide your own padlock in order to close and lock the storage. I think this is pretty self explanatory.

Decent Flip Flops
You will be practically living in your flip flops (or thongs as the Aussies like to call them) when you're in a hot country so a decent pair of flip flops is a must. Don't just go with your discount £1 pair from Primark, get something for your money as they're going to have to last you a long time unless you want to keep buying pair after pair.

Nothing White
This is more of a thing NOT to pack, but if you're anything like me, in hot weather you sweat like a pig (TMI, sorry). A lot of the stuff I originally packed was white and I really do half regret bringing all that stuff because it has now either been thrown away or is a totally disgusting grey yellow colour from all the sweat which totally ruins it. Yes, white is good in the heat to not get so hot in comparison to black, but it comes with it's disadvantages. I wore a pink bra under a white top once and (maybe this shows the quality of the bra) I sweated so much that my white top started to stain pink from the colour seeping out. There goes one white top at least!

Now don't make the mistake that I did and fork out a load of money on walking shoes because unless you're going to be doing a lot of trekking or are into walking trips then you just aren't going to need them. They take up so much room in your bag and just aren't a necessity. All you need is a pair of trainers or comfy canvas shoes even to get you around some of the excursions you will probably go on. A lot of people even do a lot of walking in flip flops or sandals and are more than okay but it's just personal preference I guess.

So there are a few things it'll be good for you to have if you ever go travelling, I will try and give you some more tips when I can.

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