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You don’t get a lot of access to scales when travelling, so when you do it’s an extremely scary process. Your thought process can...

You don’t get a lot of access to scales when travelling, so when you do it’s an extremely scary process. Your thought process can go either one of two ways - you either think of all the cheap takeaway meals that you have consumed on your tight budget to keep you afloat with the money situation, or the fact that sometimes you replace food with sleep because you are too poor to want to afford to eat.

I started my journey being about 9 stone 7lb (60kg/133lb) and I was happy because I was fluctuating that extra 7lb up and down all the time which is normal. I got my hands on some scales to weigh myself for the first time since starting when I was doing my farm work in April 2015, so it had been a whole 6 months since I’d started travelling. We had the department store Big W near our house, and my housemates suggested just using the display scales to weigh myself if I wanted. My first thought was that I MUST have lost weight because of all the farm work I’d been doing, and because I had time, I’d been making a conscious effort to look after the food that was going into my body - I had gone up to 10 stone (63.5kb/140lb). That came as a shock to me initially, not because it’s extremely heavy but I’d always fluctuated between the 9-9.5 stone mark and I’ve never been double figures before. 

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go on some eat nothing diet to get down as I was still happy with the way I looked and I always have been, it was just a personal shock really more than anything. I just decided to carry on the way I was because I am absolutely shit at anything diet related as I just can’t stick to it.

10 months on and I have been living in North Queensland for just under 5 months and hadn’t weighed myself since. On the off chance, I asked my housemates whether they had any scales - hurrah they did! I had got down to 9 Stone (57kb/126lb), shedding a stone since the last time I weighed myself! I was so happy that I was at my personal ideal weight. I’m short as well so I’m at a healthy weight for my height technically (even though BMI is a load of shit - my friend who is the same size as me, but is taller, got told she was overweight when she is most clearly not - sorry about the tangent there!).

I had a real think about how this had happened. I’d been eating out a lot at restaurants and having free food at work BUT I hadn’t been snacking. North Queensland is hot and humid af so the need to eat isn’t all that strong. I was just sticking to 3 solid meals a day if that, because I’m not a massive breakfast person. You also find that you are hydrating yourself a lot more because of the heat; whether that’s smoothies, juice or water which I find myself drinking the majority of time to cool off, this stops hunger to a certain extent as well. Another aspect is that I am walking 20 minutes to and from work in the excruciating heat at least twice a week wearing all black, sweating my metaphorical balls off. The sweat sure as hell has probably helped in the loss for sure, for SURE!?

Anyways, I learnt a long time ago to be happy in my own skin, so to be at my ideal weight is a complete and utter bonus for me. As long as I’m healthy I’m happy and I’ve never been one to go completely off the rails diet wise, even when travelling. This is just a personal high for me that I wanted to share!

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  1. I avoid scales, I am apparently lost zero weight despite losing a few inches from different areas on my body (losing fat, gaining muscle). I just go by measurements now, and because it's harder to do, I don't notice little water weight fluctuations that the scales can show. :) Still, great work on achieving something you're proud of! :)

    Kate | themintedblog.com

    1. Thank you :)
      I like scales every now and then, it's definitely not healthy to be checking every single day because people DO fluctuate but it is good to get an idea of where you're at I think. I guess the lost fat and muscle gain may have equalled itself out? (I mean I'm not expert or anything) I would go by measurements but clothes, and especially different clothe shops have so many different standards that it's just so up and down with what size you are. (Especially shoes over here I've found). Thank you for popping by :)

  2. Awww bless you! I bet that was a welcome surprise :) You'll need to stop fluctuating though as I'll need to get your bridesmaid dress soon aha! xx

    1. Aha, I'll try to stop :p I've actually joined the gym as well so we'll see what happens. Eeeek! I'm so excited x


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