Disappointing Pixar Movies

Everyone always talks about their favourite this or their top 5 that, so I’ve decided to tip this on it’s head and list the Pixar m...

Everyone always talks about their favourite this or their top 5 that, so I’ve decided to tip this on it’s head and list the Pixar movies that I found disappointing. Some of these may come as a shock to you but we’ll see:

I just found the premise for this whole movie to be utterly ridiculous. It just seemed too slapstick for even Pixar that it was almost embarrassing to watch. To be honest, I’ve only watched it once so maybe this should be given a second chance, but I really have it in my head that I don’t like this film.

Monsters University
I absolutely loved Monsters Inc so I was super excited when they announced this prequel; showing how Mike and Sully ended up at Monsters Incorporated in the first place. I felt as though this film was really trying too hard to be funny and the plot was just too weak to be any good. 

Inside Out
I absolutely LOVE the idea of a film about the inner consciousness, dreams, and all of the above. I’m so into all that stuff that it’s unreal, but I felt as though this film was a little disappointing. I saw so much potential in this idea, but it was only shown in little snippets of inspiration; like the idea of the dream show and the ‘triple dent gum’ song that gets into Riley’s head. That was about it though. I hated all of the characters, bar Disgust (she was hilarious), as I found them to be obnoxiously annoying, and I felt the plot line was boring and very predictable.

I’m going to be hated for this last one but I really disliked this movie. The beginning sequence as much as it filled the nation with tears did absolutely nothing for me and I’m normally an emotional wreck. The film was kinda okay up until that stupid dog came into the picture, and that’s when the whole thing just got plain ridiculous in my opinion. I’ll leave that one there as I know everyone adores this film, haha!

As far as I can think, these are the only Pixar films that I really disliked as I am a HUGE Pixar fan in general. Like seriously, they are life, and are some of my all time favourite films.

Are there any Pixar films that you didn’t particularly enjoy? 

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  1. OMG when I first saw this post and that the image was Wall-E, I panicked...I actually thought you were going to include that in this list. I was about to question our friendship as Wall-E is up there as one of my faves <3<3<3

    I agree with you about Brave and Monster's University although I have to disagree with you on Up and Inside out.

    I'm a bit biased with Up as never has a film made me cry the way this one did haha the beginning is brilliant and so heart-wrenching for me which is weird 'cause I barely cry at any films.

    I thought Inside out was brilliant. It is such a great concept as you said and I personally thought it was executed really well. Admittedly some of the characters are irritating (joy especially) but on the whole I thought they portrayed the idea and emotions excellently.



    1. Haha, nah! Wall-E was really good and thought provoking. Yeah I knew I was gonna hit disagreement with Up and Inside Out like nearly EVERYONE I speak to absolutely loves both of those movies. I dunno, there was just something about them which bugged me. Maybe Inside Out is because I've been awaiting a film like that for ages and it just didn't live up to my very high expectations, and who knows about up - maybe it's been talked about too much!

      You know me, I always cry in films, haha! So for me not to cry at Up was weird. x

  2. Brave is amazing!! It's about the journey of the mother an daughter learning to understand each other it doesn't matter how. As for Monsters university, Up an Inside out I agree with you, I don't think inside out was executed as clearly as it could of have been.

    1. I never really saw Brave in that way, I think maybe the animation and the slapstick took that away from me. I don't know, it wasn't really my cup of tea and I've actually seen it twice which normally doesn't happen when I don't like something. I swear you're the first person, however, that agrees with me on Inside Out like that (and even Up to be fair - everyone loves that movie).

      Thanks for reading :)


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