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I love reading. Books are a wonderful thing; they can take you to faraway places, they can teach you life lessons, they are an escape fro...

I love reading. Books are a wonderful thing; they can take you to faraway places, they can teach you life lessons, they are an escape from the real world. A book can mean multiple things to a variety of different people. I've never not been a lover of books but I haven't necessarily always read.

When I was younger I used to read all of the time; I used to borrow a multitude of different books from the library and even used to take part in the Summer reading challenges that my local library held which challenged me to read a certain number of books over a time period to get stamps to win a prize. I always loved those things and still think they're a brilliant idea to encourage kids to read more.

Around the time I started secondary school just going into my teens, I suddenly stopped reading a lot, if at all. We had a library at school but it was the 'uncool' place to be seen and if you were reading a book you were considered a 'nerd' for doing so. Looking back this was one of the most stupid things about school and I've no idea why it was even a thing. Kids are stupid sometimes.

I'd been eyeing up the Kindle for a few months on Amazon around the age of 18, despite the fact I hadn't read in a few years. I'd always hated on the Kindle before then, saying that a physical book was always the better option but there was something so alluring about the constant advert posted on the front of the Amazon homepage. I ended up caving in and getting one and consequently downloading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - this was the first of many books to come, and after that I was completely hooked to reading again.

I discovered the BookTube community on YouTube where, funnily enough, everyone talked about their love of books, and I found a lot of recommended books and continued to grow my collection digitally and physically. I'd been wanting to try YouTube for a while so consequently I joined the community making videos of my own which was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made as I enjoyed it to the max - I don't make videos really anymore because of my traveling situation at the moment but I certainly do miss it. I was reading a LOT.

As aforementioned, I am currently traveling Australia - although I am based in Townsville at the moment and have been for almost 4 months now. But before now I wasn't really been able to read as much as I used to because of the lifestyle of constantly moving, socialising with new people and doing different things. I read 31 books last year as a consequence of that, when a couple of years before I was reading 73 books in a year - huge difference, hey?

I have set myself a Goodreads Challenge of 40 books this year to increase on last year and to encourage me to start reading a lot more now that I have settled down a bit in one place. I hope to keep you updated on my reading progress every month and I hope you can join me on my journey.

Happy reading.

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  1. I have to admit I read more now that I own a Kindle, even though it's kind of a platonic experience... :)

    1. Yeah, the kindle takes away the book experience but at the same time it's easier and quicker to get through books I've found. I love both formats; physical and ebook!


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