I'm not tanned

I look really white in that picture with the filters applied, but in real life I'm not too far of that shade of pale anyways. I'v...

I look really white in that picture with the filters applied, but in real life I'm not too far of that shade of pale anyways. I've had friends say to me that I'm gonna come back as brown as anything because by the time I come back home for a month in June I would have spent a year and a half in Australia. Yeah, naaah, I'm still pale as anything!

When I was in Melbourne I had a friend say to me when I was putting on my factor 50, "You're never gonna tan with that on". I'm not in Australia to tan, this isn't a holiday, I'm living, and in your everyday life you don't spend day in day out sunbathing. For starters I don't want to end up like one of those shrivelled up lobsters that has such bad skin they look as though they're 50 when they're actually 30. I use factor 50 because I do burn easily and I'm protecting my skin against the harmful rays as they are a lot more powerful over here in Aus because of some hole in the o-zone or something. Don't get me talking technical as I really don't know!

Even when I was traveling the East Coast I didn't tan an awful lot despite being outside sight seeing for a lot of it. I tried to stick to the shade as much as I could, wore plenty of sun screen and a hat to stop me from burning. I'm super paranoid as I'm one of those people that always forgets to top up on the good ol' lotion. I didn't stay a pasty human but I wasn't exactly a sunkissed goddess either like some people - it actually takes me a lot of effort to get a good tan going. Sometimes it annoys me because as a kid I used to tan so easily and would come back from family holidays brown as anything. Maybe it was my childhood days playing in the pool day in day out in the sun.

Nowadays I'm based in Townsville working, when I'm not working you can usually find me indoors as it's just way too hot to be outside all day every day. I'm in tropical Queensland and I'm a Brit - go figure. It's also the Summer at the moment so it's even worse, although in Winter the temperatures still go to 25 degrees (which is better than a normal English Summer). It's just the humidity here that makes it unbearable at times - it can be 30 degrees but with the humidity it feels like 40 and you sweat like a fat man in a cake shop. Walking to work at 7.30AM can be a chore in itself because even at that time of the morning is can still be reaching degrees of the late 20s. It's exhausting!

Little tidbit of information - when I first came to Australia I didn't want to bring a concealer for my eyes in my makeup bag because I thought, "Oh, I won't need this because when I tan I don't want white circles around my eyes" - 6 months in I decided to buy one as not much was happening to my face in the tan department.

So yeah, that's pretty much why I don't and haven't tanned much since being in Australia - obviously I've tanned a bit as I do have tan lines but it's not ridiculously noticeable I don't think.

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