Goals for 2016

I'm not one to be overly keen on making New Years Resolutions due to the fact that the majority of the time I never keep them pas...

I'm not one to be overly keen on making New Years Resolutions due to the fact that the majority of the time I never keep them past the first month. I don't want to commit myself to doing something every day, (which is a little embarrassing considering my last post where I "started" project 365) but I want to commit to doing things as much as I can because I want to, not because I have to.

Just a little note before I start - all of these things have kinda stopped or dwindled due to the fact that I have been traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new things. An excuse, yes, but I believe a quite valid one. However, I don't want that to hold me back from carrying on with things that I love.

Ha, yeah, that was a "little" note.

Before I came traveling I used to read a ton of books throughout the year. I'd get excited about new releases, be on the lookout for new books and always be interested when something that has been recommended came about on the horizon. I want to feel that same buzz about books again, so my aim for this year is to read as much of a variety of different books as possible. I have set my goal on my goodreads account for 40 books this year which is up by 10 of my completed goal of last year. However, I do personally hope to surpass that.

I own a YouTube channel and used to be an avid member of the booktube community (carrying on with the theme of books) and I honestly really miss making videos. Not necessarily about books anymore; but I miss being creative and talking to a camera. This is going to be one of those goals that may or may not happen due to technological resources but it's something that I'm most definitely thinking about. I mean, I've got a lot to talk about now from my travels and I genuinely love the whole process of video making, from the filming to the editing to the staring at my face and wondering if anyone will notice my patchy lipstick.

Yes, I completely failed when I said I was going to do a project 365. It started off well for about 10 days and then I started to lag behind so I thought this year I'd go for a more relaxed approach and not force myself to do anything. I love drawing and always have loved it so I need to wait for inspiration to strike and then I will continue on with my artistic journey. But I will make a real conscious effort this year to kickstart it.

I really really really want to get into this properly this year; I'm still majorly inspired so much by Kirsty and all that she's accomplished with her blog that I have no idea why I still haven't got into it. When I do start writing and posting content I really love it. Heh, I guess that's what could be said about my other goals as well. I don't plan on having a schedule as such because that adds too much pressure on creating content, I'll just make sure I have a pen and paper handy when the inspiration strikes and I come up with some ideas.

Do you have any goals for 2016?

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