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A lot of people on my travels have asked me if there's any particular food I miss from back in England. The answer is generally alwa...

A lot of people on my travels have asked me if there's any particular food I miss from back in England. The answer is generally always no, just because our food is pretty similar to the Australian foods we get here so I don't miss too much. However, there still are some differences at the same time but not necessarily in the most common ways:

Personally, I've found the cost of most things in supermarkets here to be more expensive than those in the UK, this may be largely to do with the fact that there are only about 4 main supermarkets here - Coles, Woolworths (yes, it confused me too), Lidl and IGA. Whereas, in the UK there are about a dozen different ones who all compete against eachother for the cheapest prices, and no I'm not going to list them all for some odd reason.

The most obvious price difference has been in fruit and vegetables; for example back home a pepper (or capsicum as it's known over here) would cost maybe around 17p but over here you're looking at $1.50 (75p). Restauarants and takeaways generally tend to be around the same prices, however, brand names like Subway for example are considerably cheaper at $5 (£2.50) a sub rather than £5.

Fruit and Veg Variety
Yes, we share the majority of the same fruit and vegetables but there are some that (as far as I'm aware) wouldn't really make it in the UK supermarkets for more than just a season if at all. Watermelons, mangoes, pak choy, coconut and dragon fruit are some examples. I would also add avocado but I honestly can't remember whether they're sold a lot in supermarkets in the UK or not; I know they're definitely used a lot more over here.

Iced Coffee
Coming over here has fueled my new addiction to iced coffee. It's always been a thing in Starbucks or Costa but never really something that was sold massively in the supermarkets. In Australia, there are at least half a dozen different brands of iced coffee being sold alongside the coffee shops homemade concoctions. There was a point a while ago where I was buying one every day, and they're not exactly cheap, but they're definitely so freaking amazing.

Food Names
Just like the different slang, they also say different things for some types of food:
Pepper = Capsicum
Courgette = Zucchini
Aubergine = Eggplant
Gammon = Bacon Steak

What food differences have you noticed when traveling?

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  1. Mangoes and pak choi are readily available here in ASDA, although I wouldn't know What to do with a pak choi? I'm guessing its an Asian vegetable?

    Also avocados have become REALLY popular over here over the last year or so so yep, they're everywhere. I think they're kinda gross though, unless in guacamole ha.

    Those Iced coffee drinks sound UH-MAZING, I wish we made more here xx

    1. See I've been away so long I don't know what's in supermarkets anymore, ha! But I think avos are becoming more popular in a fad kind of way if you get what I mean.

      The UK seriously needs to get more iced coffee. I don't really like the ones they make in Starbucks etc they're too bitter. The ones that are made here are basically coffee, ice cream, milk and cream. Ergh they're so good!

  2. I recently went to London, but I don't think that's a good representation of prices haha! I had no idea that Australia has Lidl stores, live and learn! Where I live we've got Aldi as well which are great for cheaper foods, and I'm lucky enough to have parents that live on a property so I often am swimming in fruits and vegetables for free.

    We travelled all throughout Europe (mainly Eastern + Central Europe) for about seven months last year, and the main thing from Australia I missed most were pies! Couldn't find them in bakeries (even in UK they tend to have pasties, at least in London where we went) and restaurant pies were like £10-15.

    Also had to bring my own tube of vegemite on the trip of course! ;)

    Great post! I love seeing the similarities and differences between cultures :)

    Kate |

    1. London restaurants aren't really a good representation, no, but supermarkets are generally the same pricings everywhere! (I personally think London is over priced anyways) I'm pretty sure it was Lidl, unless I am mistaken, I'm doubting mysef now, ha!

      See, I would have thought that you would have been fine finding a pie in England what with fish and chip shops but I guess maybe you are right about the pasty thing. Did you go to Greggs, they do a variety of baked things but I personally prefer Pie Face over here in Australia. So much more variety! We have marmite which is basically vegemite though ;) you either love it or you hate it as the tag line goes!

      Thank you for reading :) I plan on doing a few more comparative posts cause I'm sure there's plenty more I could think of!


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