Motivation And Being Motivated

Okay, let's get down and dirty (get your head out of the gutter) with how I feel on certain things in my life. I wanted this blog ...

Okay, let's get down and dirty (get your head out of the gutter) with how I feel on certain things in my life. I wanted this blog to be way more personal than usual so here it goes.

I've always known what I want; I've got a passion for art, design and all things creative. I have all these amazing ideas about what I'm going to do in the future, how I'm going to do it and how happy it's going to make me. However, these ideas are always just on paper for me as I lack the real motivation to continue with these projects - don't get me wrong I can start them, but then a real case of self doubt kicks in whereupon I come across a roadblock of inspiration and nothing comes out. I'm a massive perfectionist in my work which means I'm never happy with anything I do.

Even with this blog, I had amazing ideas about what I was going to do, and it was just the other day that I was thinking to myself that I can't be bothered to write a blog post or I can't think of anything interesting to write about. That's complete and utter shit to be quite honest. I've had so many experiences in the past year alone that I could definitely write a new post every week about something that's happened on my travels, I just choose not to be bothered. 

In my spare time I find myself constantly scrolling Facebook, refreshing that one news feed for what seems like the thousandth time, or even watching series after series on Netflix, stressing over what to watch next. In the time spent wasting away on the internet I could be drawing, learning about design, creating, or being inspired by my own work for once. Even when I feel as though I'm being productive, it's often just me googling how to be productive or where to get inspiration from - writing that down truthfully makes me see how utterly sad that really does sound.

I've found in the past that the best way to learn is to do; you can't get any better at something if you don't practise, and the more you practise the more you get inspired, and the more you get inspired the better your work will become because you love what you do. 

I want to start a little project 365 and create something new every day for a year - I was half thinking of starting off doing it for a month but thought why the hell should I settle for anything less than a year as if you're going to aim high you should aim high. This piece of creativity could be a photograph, a blog post or a drawing, because being creative comes in so many different forms. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect, because nothing ever starts out that way. I can put up walls if I like and tell the world I was busy if I ever miss a day but in all honesty I have plenty of time to fit in something everyday, I just choose not to believe it. 

I can and will do this; let's get this going. Positive energy people, positive energy!

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  1. THIS. I'm the exact same sometimes when it comes to writing posts for my blog. I have so many ideas but actually executing them is a completely different story and even when I do, I'm not entirely happy with what's come out. Good luck with project 365 :D xx

    1. When I get into the habit of writing blog posts I'm normally fine and can do them no problem but it's just getting the motivation in motion I think :) (sorry for the late reply on this)


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